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Scientific session commemorating the 50th anniversary of the death of Pius Font i Quer (1964-2014)

This year we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pius Font i Quer’s death. He is an important and beloved botanist in our country, and many acts are being performed these days to praise his figure. One of them is the Scientific session that will be held next Tuesday 2nd December in the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Barcelona. If you are interested to attend the session, information can be found here


You can read a short biography note of Dr. Font here (extracted adapted from Wikipedia):


Pius Font i Quer (Lleida 1888 – Barcelona 1964) was a Catalan botanistpharmacist and chemist He spent his childhood in Manresa. He got his doctorate in pharmacy (1905) with his thesis about the Flora of Bages. He was professor on pharmacy and botany at Universitat de Barcelona and at Barcelonan Escola d’Agricultura. He organized the Institut Botànic de Barcelona and founded the Jardí Botànic in this city. In 1911 he joined the Health Military Corporation, in which he got the military rank of tinent coronel farmacèutic. He was on a botanic expedition in Albarracín (Aragon) with his fellows, when the Francisco Franco‘s 1936 coup d’état failed and began the Spanish Civil War. When he went back to Barcelona, he had to go through the war front; this is the reason he was accused of being a member of the military rebellion, resulting in him losing all his honours, which made continuation of his scientific work difficult. He was president of the Institució Catalana d’Història Natural (1931–1934), president of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans in 1958 and of the Société Botanique at Geneve, honour vice president of the International Botany Congresses at Paris (1954) and Edinburgh (1964) and doctor honoris causa at the University of Montpellier. Pius Font i Quer was the main creator of scientific botanical terminology in Catalan and Spanish. His most well-known works are: Diccionario de Botánica (1953), which is the reference work for botany students in Spain; Plantas medicinales (1961); and Botánica pintoresca (1958). His research took place specially in Catalonia, southern Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, mainly in Ibiza and Formentera.

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