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Reference to this work should be cited thus:

Garnatje T, Canela MÁ, Garcia S, Hidalgo O, Pellicer J, Sánchez-Jiménez I, Siljak-Yakovlev S, Vitales D, Vallès J. 2011. GSAD: a genome size database in the Asteraceae. Cytometry Part A 79A: 401-404. pdf

We acknowledge this people for the pictures of plants that illustrate the webpage:

Pere Barnola ( and for the pictures of A. alliariae, B. perennis, C. carliinoides, C. eriophorum, C. montana, S. pyrenaicus and T. dubius; Pere Bonada for the picture of A. alpinus and Montse Rigat for the picture of C. cardunculus. Pictures of C. bipinnatus, Ch. burchardii and T. officinale by Teresa Garnatje.